Mathematical Applications

About the subject

Students experience and learn the mathematical processes associated with investigating, modelling and solving problems drawn from realistic contexts.

Stage 2 Mathematical Applications is divided into seven topics.

For a 20-credit subject, students study four of the topics listed below (two topics in each semester)

  • Topic 1: Applied Geometry
  • Topic 2: Investment and Loans
  • Topic 3: Mathematics and Small Business
  • Topic 4: Matrices
  • Topic 5: Optimisation
  • Topic 6: Share Investments
  • Topic 7: Statistics and Working with Data.
  • Assessment

    Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

    School-based Assessment Weighting
    Skills and Applications Tasks 30%
    Folio 40%
    External Assessment
    Examination 30%

    Information on the External Assessment

    Examinations are set by the SACE Board and conducted twice yearly, at the end of semester 1, and again at the end of semester 2. Each examination is 90 minutes long.

    For a 20-credit subject, students will undertake both examinations.

    The examination is based on the key questions and key ideas outlined in the two topics studied in the semester.

    The examination will be graded by external assessors with reference to performance standards.

    Performance Standards

    The Mathematical Applications Subject Outline includes performance standards, which describe five levels of achievement that are reported with the grades A to E at the student’s completion of the subject.

    The school-based assessments and the external assessment will be graded with reference to the performance standards.